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Turbit Measurement System (TMS)

Detection of Yaw Misalignment through Load Measurements

1. The Problem

    More than half of the turbines show a systematic yaw misalignment to the wind

    Turbines do not produce as much energy as they could

    The lifetime of these turbines decreases due to additional and unwanted loads

    Yaw misalignment detection is expensive and not simple? Not necessarily!

2. Our Solution                 

Turbit Systems installiert einen Schwingungssensor und einen Datenlogger innerhalb der Gondel.

Die wahre Windrichtung wird dann aus den Schwingungsdaten mit einem revolutionären Algorithmus des Turbit Measurement Systems (TMS)  berechnet.

On our Turbit Web Report (TWR) you have the complete overview of the yaw misalignment status of all of your turbines at all times.

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Simple Installation


Average increase of turbine earnings by 2%

Reduced loads and longer lifetime