Internship Data Analysis in Python (m/w): Interview Form


Our team has decided, that your application looks promising. 

We would like to ask you some basic questions about your knowledge.

Your answers will help us to decide if we are a good match on the technical level. 

If we think this is the case, then we will invite you to a personal interview.

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I am an active student and the internship is a "Pflichtpraktikum" for me

I can work at least 30 hours a week for 3 months during the internship

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Please indicate your knowledge about the following Python packages:

I never heard about this packageI used it once or heard about itI use it from time to time, but there is definitely more I can learnI am an expert with Google's help ;)I am an expert without Google
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Please indicate your knowledge about databases

I know the difference between relational and non relation databases
I have used MongoDB
I have used SQL

Knowledge about Unix and other stuff

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I have used Git, GitHub or GitLab
I programmed some JavaScript
I programmed some HTML

Please give us a Link or a description about any project that you have programmed, i.e. a GitHub link with some code you wrote or a link to a website that you created

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